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Below are products designed and made by Marjorie, who is always open to new ideas!


Leg wrap with techni-ice  Insert. Sold in pairs. Red, BluePink, Green, WinePurple $92.00

Hock Wrap

 Wrap with techni-ice insert.  Red, BluePink, Green, Wine, Purple $68.00

Fly Shams

Protect your horses's legs from flies. Stops stomping. Sturdy mesh won't slide down leg. GRAY only. $35.95 per pair.

Hay Baskets

 Holds several large Flakes of hay. Easy to hang and fill. Sturdy Mesh. Trim in Red, Blue, Green, Pink, WinePurple. Brown $46.38

FLY chasers

 A cute and economical way to keep flies off your horse’s face. Attach to bridle or haler. Safe to use on trail.  Horse can see. Many colors and combos. All Colors and Blends $6.00

Half Bale Bag

Sturdy Half bale bag. Water resistant. Extra heavy duty, zipper and handles. Red, Blue, Green, PinkWine, PurpleBrown $38.25

BALE BAG, Space saver End open bale bags standing $66.25

Two way zip, Bale bag $70.00